After 2 albums based on the first world war, the band is back with a brand new line-up with 4 old members of The Negation, and old of current members of Insain, End of Mankind…, a new theme, a radical line and a new musical direction.

The new band concept based on the Carl Gustav Jung works and the dark and depth instincts of the Human species, is exploring the complexity of the Human psyche and its metaphysical aspects, the archetypes of collective unconscious and the process of individualization who explains the civilization decadence. Man has a fundamentally bad part that only asks to express himself.

Métampsychose is the first opus of a new cycle of 3 albums based on the Red book of Carl Jung, which explores in several nights, the nightmares and phantasms that haunt the main character and his quest in order to find a master that will allow him to satisfy his low instincts and descend completely into the evil that inhabits him.

Azziard has played with many major bands of extreme metal on tour or at festivals, including Belphegor, Behemoth, Der weg einer freiheit, Emperor, Moonsorrow, Setherial, Solstafir, Gorgoroth, Tsjuder… and participated at the HELLFEST 2014, TRIEL Open Air 2014, Black Metal is Rising, Ragnard Rock Festival….

Humanity is about to be dismissed by its own actions.